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    Casino Car

    I am having fun playing F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate Coop Mod from an anon. But there is a problem.
    The original F.E.A.R single player is applied to the Korean patch, but the Perseus Mandate Coop Mod does not apply the Korean patch to the original map. I would like to try the co-op mode with the Korean patch applied.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ddFdtBnC-p3qnnhjw7jHv1TQbbRnyGU5/view?usp=sharing ← This is the original F.E.A.R Korean patch file.

    Is there a way to apply this Korean patch?



    Do you have these files for FEAR extraction point and perseus mandate (FEARL_KR.Arch00)? They located in FEARXP and FEARXP2 directories
    If you have them then add
    lines to the end of FEARXP2/Default.cfg:

    Also please use latest version of mod


    Casino Car

    I tried, but still not.

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    Casino Car

    This Korean patch only supports F.E.A.R Original and Extraction Point.
    Unfortunately, the Perseus Mandate Korean patch is not supported.
    So even if you type the code you said, Original Coop does not output Korean subtitles.

    If Korean subtitles are to be output, should I make Korean patches for Perseus Mandate?



    I don’t know about how to make Korean localization patch. But without it you cant use another patches (original+extraction point).


    Casino Car

    too bad. I tried to coop with my friends, but it makes me so sad that I have to play English subtitles.

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