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    Frince Francis

    FEAR is my favourite game of all time. How about adding a demolition mode were one time plants a demo charge in a designated point and other team tries to defuse the bomb i am thinking about 5v5 battle. i would like to contribute if any one willng to make this idea done and making the game a new experience. a $50 will be given as a contribution to any one or group who can do this idea.

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    Frince Francis

    the story: after incidents of FEAR1 the organisation succeded in exposing armachams activities a group of FEAR operatives are tasked to sabotage key assets of armacham corporation however another group of clone soldiers or replicas are activated somehow to serve armachams interests they are tasked to stop the FEAR operatives from destroying armacham assets which wil bring down the corporate to its knees.

    gameplay RULES;
    1.player chooses a team FEAR operatives or Replica forces
    2.once 5 players are connected in each team game starts in warmup mode (before first round only)
    3.attacking team must plant det charge any one of the demolishing site(s)
    4.protect bomb from being defused or eliminate opposing force
    5.clear area before bomb detonates!!! KABOOM.

    Yeah i think u guys thought about counterstrike now but i liked call it
    F.E.A.R. Strike mode

    anyone i am upping my donation to $90 for anyone who make this mode. personally email me at or post ur email here for me to contact you

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    Frizel Francis

    nice concept

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    It would be extremely hard to make It in Gamemode, because of, you know, game restrictions.
    Instead I think we could make It a custom map with enough scripting to make It be a similar experience.
    0 – It would actually be a CTF Server running the map.
    1 – Selecting a team may or may not be required, since we all start in a team, I’m analyzing the possibilities to be offensive/defensive alternately.
    2 – Planting, defusing and waiting would be simulated, but we already know that 😛
    3 – Once the bomb detonates, It doesn’t actually matter If you die (we couldn’t intercept actions after that anyway).

    About the time, I think I can work on that in the next 2 weeks, but I don’t know If I can make It on time before I go back to all my jobs, so can’t promise much, except I will try to give It a go ^_^

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    What do you think about It @frince_francis ?

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