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    Okc Goct

    Hello, I’d like to go about creating new weapon sets that differ in aspect from the current default weapons, not just a skin change but actual variety, not saying the game isnt balanced as is but I’d like to carry out this project because it seems like something i’d enjoy doing. ALSO, DOOM is alot of fun, id like to create a doom mod for fear. :O Double barrel shotgun or the SSG is so cool! now my question is how do I go about doing this? what basics do i need to know ? THANKYOU

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    Alvares Edvardo

    Hi, there are many nuances, and most important is to create animations for weapons, first you need to see how it works, I personally do not know how to do the animation for this add an entirely new weapon can not, I would add only weapon addons.

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    If you know how to model then your half way there. Its not hard to create a new weapon or animation for FEAR. The problem is what kind mod are you talking about. If you are only going to change the weapon and animation, then that’s ok and it will work for the download content from the server. If you want to change the character animation to match the new weapon, then that will have to be a full game mod. So if your weapons reload animation does not match the current character reload animation, you are looking at doing a full game mode. I have made a few weapons for FEAR and its not hard, but you have to work with the current animations and bones, if you want it to be a download content mod.


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