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    Hello there. im trying to organize FunWar-s day. For start I think that Saturday is the best day for that. But time can be problem couse there is time zones.
    Shortest, it will be very cool when we can play wars every Saturday in same time. So,every clan knows that can play war that day on same time. There is no strict rules about team so you can have players from other clan or non-clan players. We all know that is better to play CTF clan vs clan then on public servers.
    It is no game about pro or no-pro players. It is a fun and that is important. Duno did some one have experience with COD4 wars but there is so easy to find every moment clan wars and there is no important if somebody lose a game. We will push each other to be better and make this game more attractive. Also, some sleepers can wake up if they know that can play war that day.
    Please,put here when is for your opinion the best time for FunWar.For better overview put your time in CET – Central European Time.
    TGS already have deal with Dp clan about that so if you want to join to FunWar day please contact me on xfire: civijev .

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