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    Dear Fred I am Playing on server and then i try to Join the MRSA server but cd key verification Fail ????

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    Hello everyone, I unfortunately have the same issue. I try to join a server and can’t because of an invalid cd key error. I can however join some servers which is odd… Do a need a new cd key?

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    The CDKeys are basically 2 types:
    Old CDKeys: No longer work and are larter.
    New CDKeys: are 16 characters long + “-” characters; sample: VVVV-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ

    I think you may have misstyped your CDkey, please triple check It.
    For those servers where you can join, It must be they disabled the CDKey verification.
    That is not recommended and is usually only for lan only games, but It Is up to them to do It.
    You will need a valid CDKey to play on most Servers.

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