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    I was thinking of suggesting – or even making a multiplayer map : Disneyworld

    So, this would be great for CTF and other multiplayer matches.
    Also, I wanted to compliment to the makers of the I7 map, even though it’s not played much – creative! 🙂

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    i7? What map Is It?
    About the Disney world map; hmmm I’m currently focused in FEAR-like maps, so I don’t think I’d make one like that soon, but maybe other map makers would.
    A simple list of stuff that would be includes makes me think It would be a really hard to make process :O

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    Just wanted to say when I mentioned a Disney World themed-map, I was not supporting attacks on that park, lol. Anyway, I can see how FEAR Combat would need mods more closer to the game (like Crysis or Far Cry maps). Also, the i7+SSD is a server, not a map as I mistakenly mentioned before. I like that server because of the funny images and sounds used in there, it’s a great job by whoever made that! 😀

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    We need a server with custom maps ,skins ,sounds ,voices. Ect. A tdm server like older the Mission Impossible one remember that?

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