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    [KGB]1 vs †RATS†
    Team wp vs Roumania Team

    Remember, the losing teams from these matches will play against each other for bronze! 🙂

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    finally 😀

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    yeah, exactly … FINALLY…
    How much time players have to p;ay their matches ? to The end of this weekend (2.06) or end of next weekend(9.06) ?

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    may be we can give a chance for DMC team and dP-B?)
    DMC can change dP-A and play vs KGB)) winner vs RATS) and Romania vs dP-B, winner vs wP))

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    good question..i ll try to play my match as soon as possible

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    no, I disaggree. I appreciate this idea rg, seems interesting at all but it’s against the rules and system of this tournament 🙂
    Let’s be fair and just and let’s just get move on with this tour.DMC and DP-b has already lost so theoretically we shouldn’t be able to play at quarter again.
    In my opinion it would only make more mess in this round with such a combinations. 🙂
    ok, I threw my few cents and now I leave the decision for admins.

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    yes, we can always play friendly matches against us. but right now we must continue with the tournament….

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    WP guys, we can play sunday at 22.00 GMT, roumanian time 24.00. is that ok for you?

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    hi KGB guys!)) we wanna play 3v3, not 2v2…u must find 3-d mate.

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    We discussed this yesterday, and yeah, we wanted people to play too, but making winers wait more, wouldn’t be nice.
    Anyway, my team has been offering fun/trainig matches vs whoever wants, but since we are in America, It should be europe’s midnight or saturday/sunday.

    About the time, we didn’t set a time limit because we think It’s not needed, the 4 teams have been ready since 2 weeks ago, so you are free to get It done the way you want, and, we think can be this weekend.

    Also, in a side note, please let us know when the matches will be played, so we can record It; previous matches were not in weekends or in times Phreeze and me were not available, and basically no one has taken care of record and upload em.

    It would be a shame If the same happens again.

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    So it’s over? I thought we can play in June too
    We don’t want to lose againest KGB it’s should be easy match

    and than we sit time to play with them long time but you was in hospital Fred it’s your problem .. you should give us chance because it’s your problem you know

    and than they are 2 only .. Tournament rules 3v3 anyway this not over match should be play we not quit like that shit

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    I agree with Rampa) his arguments are obvious) we must give them chance if they can to play this weekend…

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    no .. no second chances.. Rampy you was offline for a long time, so it’s your problem that your team hadn’t squad. It’s over now. now is semi finals and we must move on…

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    Boing ask Fred to be referee .. but fred not join because he was in hospital… and at first week KGB search for 1 player like I wait for 10 days but I was afk kick me and my team cool

    I know boing and cross can agree for today what the problem so?
    1 night will make the war longer?
    Fred you told us you will be referee we waited 20mins you not join it’s ur problem .. must fix it anyways

    and don’t talk too much Brz3zio you’re just a member and just want finish this fast because you out of tournament as u said don’t forget you take 1 month to play 1 game in first round.

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    man.. we were just fine without you.. you are back and you crying because you are out of this tour and you just making bigger mess here now.. Y_Y oh no ! DP IS OUT ! we are DQed :O end of the fucking world T_T . MAN ! Embrace yourself ! you were offline when you should be ONLINE for too long ! that is not referees problem.. it’s only yours!… We couldn’t wait for one person (you) for few weeks kurwa because you were on some “exams” or something… think about it … it is CUP here, hello…some organisation here ey. we must move on.. and we cant wait because some Rampy is offline and his team won’t play without him lol.
    End of this discussion… that is no matter now. You are out like me so what..deal with it.
    And yes,I want end this cup as soon as possible.. because it is taking 2 months now lol. whole May and almost whole April .. hahaha too long..
    not because I lost man 🙂 this mess is just making me angry .

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    @rampy: Sorry, but I do not see any past postings in the quarterfinal thread from your team that (a) told us the time of the match in advance, and (b) requested referees for the match. The fact that boing contacted only one referee (Fred) offine, and he was unable to show due to a family emergency, is not a valid excuse. Shame on you for trying to use it as one. The decision stands.

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    i agree with Rampa again in this situation…if they can play today – they must play)) no problem) RATS can wait them 1 day)) all have real life and exams is the most important thing…
    i think u must play today vs KGB 2v2 or 3v3…than winner vs us!!! is good for tournament cuze dP-A team won all matches and can be the best on CUP…so the reason if they will continue tournament vs KGB today…

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    I couldn’t make It on time that day, yeah. Healt issues; I guess you all know what an emergency Is.
    I came back 1 hour later and I had that day, the next one, the next week and the next one available and your team didn’t.

    I know what school Is, and what work Is, and even with that I was here most of the time, and your team didn’t. You only needed 1 hour for the match. The decision to advance to semifinals won’t be changed.

    Semifinalist teams, please schedule your matches, the sooner, the better.

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    sunday, 21.00-22.00 gmt, we play vs WP . it s settled.

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    ok done anyway Brz3zio I have to study for my future if you don’t have a good future only games so stfu and stop talking with me I ask for Fred not you .. others agree for wait boing agree told me and rats too wp team already legend players and want make this tournament run better

    Ok I out anyway thx for tournament fred and good luck

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    “legend players” , you sound like you worship them lol xD

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    I talked with Cross (sujo123) from KGB. And sadly they have to give technical win for RATS.
    Fragment of conversation:
    [13:55] Cяợşş™: and second
    [13:55] Cяợşş™: they want play 3v3
    [13:55] Cяợşş™: i cant search a 3rd guy
    [13:55] Cяợşş™: lo
    [13:55] Cяợşş™: lol
    [13:57] =!G$E!=Brz3zio»ĐMÇ«: lol so if you could not find 3rd guy.. now you are out of KGB.. so KGB has only 1 player ? 😀
    [13:57] =!G$E!=Brz3zio»ĐMÇ«: haha
    [13:57] =!G$E!=Brz3zio»ĐMÇ«: great
    [13:57] =!G$E!=Brz3zio»ĐMÇ«: will be technical win for rats
    [13:59] Cяợşş™: k
    [13:59] Cяợşş™: technical win for rats
    [13:59] Cяợşş™: fine
    [14:01] =!G$E!=Brz3zio»ĐMÇ«: do you have boing’s xfire ? pls give me ;P
    [14:02] Cяợşş™: i talked with boing
    [14:02] Cяợşş™: so rats win now
    [14:02] =!G$E!=Brz3zio»ĐMÇ«: ok, I will write it on forum


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    lol xD. lolololool…but speechless

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    so may be dP team will play vs us??)) or we can 2v2 if noone can play…

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    ok RATS vs KGB already played.. it was 2v2. Game was clean.

    oh and btw, admins of official server to this cup – london and germany need RESTART immediately.. laggy as hell out there.

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    thnx brezio) thnx to be ref) yea…impossible to play there…always lags for some players, metal-sound if i shoot 40-50 bullets…WTF) but deads too fast…
    i hope that final we will play on Smokers Club if team wP want it)) or need restart official servs)

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    hmmm I guess no one recorded that match?…. again?

    Most RATS matches haven’t been recorded…

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