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    3 matches left. Final, one of semifinal matches and my match with the looser of match Futron vs Shrine for the 3rd place.
    Rg will be back after 25.08 so I think end of this tournament will be in the end of holidays 🙂 Imo the final will be rg vs shrine , and match for 3rd place – Poland Derby me vs Futron 😀 end of the cup will be very interesting I think 🙂 I hope all those 3 remained matches will be recorded 🙂 That means in all those matches we will need Cross, Fox or Fred as refs .



    I think I will be available most of the time; just be sure to msg me on time ^_^



    Can I wantch the final battle online pls?)) You could place the time of final battle here or message me privately. Cant watch it on videos – I dont get anything lol



    Gonna be a boring final. Shrine will keep on running away from RG all three rounds 😀



    ok so.. Cup is over and I just wanted to make some summation and tell some words for good end 🙂 I wanted to thank all refs for work, and ofc to all competitors and participants 🙂 That was my first cup as admin so I am sorry for all my mistakes, I hope you will understand me 🙂 and I hope it’s not the last cup where I am admin 🙂 I wish next cup will be organised by someone other than me or Freddy 🙂
    Ok now, top players:
    1st place (GOLD) – R-g-štyle
    2nd place (SILVER) – Duschdas for men / Shrine
    3rd place (BRONZE) – Brz3zio
    4th place – DonFutron
    Congratulations for the winner – rg :)) Good work 🙂
    I have 3rd place because sadly Futron didn’t want to play after his match vs Duschdas .. so w.o
    That’s all from me 🙂 Thank you all !



    Congrats to the winner! Who knows if RG is ever just playing, not in the tournaments? Wanna taste how tough he is ^^

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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