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    I support Fred’s suggestions. In CTF 0 respawn time and no friendly fire has been for ages. Dont apply deathmatch settings to CTF, pls. Score limit is reasonable too. Whoever scores 5 wins and it is FAIR, ofc.



    So we already have:
    1 Med
    3 nades
    no supers, mines or remotes
    stock maps
    1.4 runspeed

    Next ones are my personal comments, they don’t affect the voting coutcome, but I think I can talk in the name of the (minimum) 50% of actual regular FEAR players, and not those who only come to play when there’s a tournament.

    About respawntime: as I said, is not important, just don’t make It 5. 3 should be ok If you agree.

    About Friendly Fire, why would we to don’t make It reckless? If I was to play that way I’d be playing Battlefield in 10km wide maps camping hours to get a sniper kill. (very own personal liking, but as in the previous we can set It that way, It doesn’t really matter).

    About Score limit; some were commenting they need 15 min because you usually don’t score much. Now the argument is to don’t end the match before It’s time, because win 5-4 wouldn’t be fair… I don’t get It.
    Still we can just keep It at no limit, no worries; but remember why people doesn’t bother to try to play vs pros. Balanced doesn’t mean fair, and is far from meaning fun.

    Rant end.
    RespawnWaitTime: 3
    FriendlyFire: ON
    ScoreLimit: 0



    BTW, a Custom maps CTF tournament doesn’t sound that bad, we could set up that one right after this one. (Same for the America hosted 1on1 tournament, that a lot of south, center and north american friends have been asking for.



    ok. 1 whole week left to begin our tournament. So I think it’s the time to make final decision about server settings, then set those settings to our servers for tournament and actually START TO TRAIN AND GET USED TO THEM :P. To have some middle point of all those likings of settings so I propose :
    – 1 med
    – 3 nades
    – Weapon restrictions : no SW, No remotes, 1 ATS available to get (not allowed to put the mine in flagroom)
    – Stock maps ONLY (Such world tournaments just CANNOT be played on Customs, END. TRADITIONALLY AND AS STARNDARDS prescribes)
    – TimeLimit: 15
    – SuddenDeath : As I said earlier đŸ˜‰ in Group phase – OFF, in Playoffs – ON (in group phase not everytime we have to have a winner of certain match imo)
    – RespawnWaitTime : 3
    – FriendlyFire : like in all tournaments, traditionaly – ON
    – ScoreLimit: OOOOOOOOOOKEEEEEEEEEY. I can agree on it if you people wants. I understand. But not on 5. Rounds would end too quickly sometimes. Lets set it on 8 or 10 maybe ? đŸ™‚ hmm ?
    – FlaggerRunSpeed : if Fred says it’s true…if that option really automatically adjusts to the normal runspeed on server so lets just leave it in DEAFULT lol.
    – RunSpeed : 1.4




    I don’t think we need to start with mines, just disable them as they would be.

    I don’t think there’s a point on limiting the flags to 10, just forget about that one (and about newcomer player’s feelings)

    So we have:
    1 Med
    3 nades
    1.4 runspeed
    no supers, mines or remotes
    stock maps
    TimeLimit: 15
    SuddenDeath: groups: OFF, Playoffs: ON

    And so on.



    I would like to understand why raz123 aka Andre doesnt reply to my messages or Safoda’s!
    I know I shouldnt post this here but at least I know he will see it! Acho que devias pelo menos nos dizer a razao pela qual desapareceste e agora encontramos te aqui sem dizeres nada!



    Hi guys,

    Bar here. Teams look great.

    I’m interested in watching the games, particularly the final.

    Noticed spectating is not allowed. Any way we could get a recording, maybe by the referee as he/she will probably be covering the gameplay nicely.

    Even if its just the final. Can be uploaded to YouTube.




    WTF @ S0ft and Andre. The two of you should collaborate on a fucking FEAR novel. I entered this thread to be enlightened with new suggestions for the tournament and ended up leaving with an IQ 5 points lower.



    Surprised you didn’t get any brain damage.



    I think we should delete the whole thread…
    It has become a pointless discussion.
    For those interested, the settings have been set, considering people’s comments.
    If someone wants to host a server, you can use these settings:

    If someone doesn’t like some of the settings comment here; please comment It politely.

    UPDATE: I messed up some setting (my fault), they should be fine now.



    FF = 0 (off) ??
    Score Limit = 5 ?
    SuddenDeathTime = 5 ? (supposed to be off for now)
    Respwaittime = 0 ? :O (supposed to be max 3 if I remember xD)

    Heliport and Deadwood are not needed there.
    And where is flagcarrier speed option ?
    Those settings are pretty creepy imo, those 4 positions (+ flagcarrier speed) must be changed. Ofc we can play on these settings but… eh xD



    “Surprised you didn’t get any brain damage.”

    I did. After reading the entirety of this thread the need for a lobotomy is becoming endlessly clear. Fred, I do think the best course of action to take next would be closing this thread. The three teams involved in this tourney are barely involved, its just s0ft, breezio and andre talking to themselves now.



    Just speaking my mind about the game I love ;). Not my fault that 98% of this community can’t string together 2 sentences of coherent english. Either that, or they just don’t give a fuck. Either way, those dudes are usually the first to whine about runspeed or friendly fire settings once they’re in the server… Funny, isn’t it? đŸ˜‰

    And btw Fred, sorry but those settings are just plain fucked like brzezio said. Almost nothing of what was suggested here is in those files. The least you can do is put your admin suit on, grab your admin hammer and combine what we’ve been suggesting here and decide on a ‘final’ rule-set and put an end to this.



    Final Post :
    server settings :
    -1med , 3 nades
    -FF ON
    -FlaggerRunSpeed 1.2
    -Time: 15
    -ScoreLimit: 0
    -RespWaitTime: 3
    -SuddenDeath : 0 (in playoffs 5)
    -WeaponRestrictions : no SW, no remotes, no mines
    -other settings : deafult

    Pls set that settings in both servers for tournament.
    ok. Time to end this. Good Luck at tournament đŸ˜‰ we start in 33hours




    Hi, Can people still join ? Im downloading this game now.. I know for certain that I get top scores in FPS games. No bragging my apologies for not being humble.

    So I’d like to join a team and compete if possible, my skills may be tested. đŸ™‚
    South African player.

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