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    Why is this even an issue every time? What is the most popular FEAR server right now? It is MXT CTF, ofc. And it has been for the last few years. So just use this server’s standard settings, that’s it 🙂

    I don’t understand why whole FEAR community should be using the rules they dont use in every day gaming. There are few people who only play 3-4 stock maps on the servers with different settings than MXT CTF but by some reasons we all should play by their rules. These few ppl think they are the best in FEAR 🙂 But no wonder they would win because their every day gaming is actually a preparation for the tournament while all other players should adapt to the new settings.

    If they think they are the best, little changes in settings and custom maps should not be a problem for them)) Otherwise, it is not even a tournament.



    Chosen_One, just because everyone plays on MXT CTF, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the best server with the most balanced settings… It just means that the majority of this community doesn’t take this game serious and would rather play in a server where everybody plays for fun, to relax or to just simply play a map or two after work or school.
    Also, read my last post before accusing me of trying to get everyone to play by my rules… And where have I said I was the best? Have you even played with the rules I suggested? Why don’t like you them? If you at least tested my rule-set before talking shit, you would see that it’s not so ‘pro-friendly’, and it gives newbies a decent chance to make something happen. So, stop these childish accusations and instead post some constructive counter-arguments or feedback.
    You can play on MXT CTF everyday but we have tournaments maybe once a year so why not make it a bit different? Because players are used to MXT settings? I haven’t played CTF in ages, not on MXT, not on stock servers. Do I deserve special treatment aswell? Should this justify a change in rules, because I haven’t played CTF for so long? Don’t be ridiculous.



    Never seen such long posts, soo many words. much scroll down…wow



    Chosen_One has got a point at the end. (btw best portrait lol, are those even winter gaming gloves? XD)

    If we want to balance a game for newbies and pros, we should in fact “balance” it. I still think that it would be veery hard to ua at the speed of 1.3 while like you said the g2a2 speed doesn’t change.
    Also those specific CTF stock maps like Streets for example, there are very few spots where you could actually ua someone by that speed, because like you said it’s full only with long range trajectories. Or you get the guy by surprise.. (which you’re not gonna do it since pros are used to hear mice 50 feet away), or you ua them at the toilet in the map lol, where you can find the medikit. Other spots? No XD. You won’t even be able to jump at the room of mines and armor for instance.. Think about Labs map now..

    I get people who played lots of tournaments actually got used to those rules, (that someone at the beginning started to change from the default ones..)
    but a tournament by the real meaning of the word, should be testing the players to the same ordinary gameplay. Who of the top players of this game would win with those rules?
    Changing the rules like this, makes a completely different game compared to the everyday gameplay. Everyday gameplay, must not be underestimated anyway. Do you think people don’t try hard or their best at SlowMo TDM or MXT CTF? Just imagine the server of Mistake where the speed is even higher lol. I think all that is actually a very good training. Because, ok at 1.5 you are ofc faster than an ordinary 1.3 (which i still say it’s too slow from a realistic way of runspeed, you don’t have 15 kg of backpack.. If the runspeed of ua it’s too higher compared when holding a gun, well that just means that people gotta learn defend themselves against ua. Cockney Rejected is a player who knows how to do it with a gun [ua], no matter what.) Why do i play everyday MRSA? Because i like a lot the gameplay, i learned to kill 3 people with the bare hands while i’m slowed. I learned how to avoid asp or railgun hits 3 times in a row and to take the Slower. Ecc.

    So let’s just say that in the first tournaments mines were deactivated just to be relaxed and comfortable against not serious players that would have got better ratio with those.
    And that’s how the rules had been changed. The same thing goes with the runspeed (to let the g2a2 pros be able to defend themselves if they don’t know how against a ninja).
    Well in my opinion, and Chosen_One’s too apparently, to make a more proper and balanced gameplay we should leave the default options, just the way they already are. 1 of the many factors is that newbies won’t need to adapt, but also pros won’t need to adapt back to this system. Also i don’t think (especially in CTF maps) pros will have problems defend themselves against ua. They managed it all the time in Smokers or i7, with smaller maps..

    Remember that this will be a tournament open for everybody (at least i’ve heard). Not just the most known players are accepted to play it. So if you keep the club’s rules then close the tournament to the club only :). If you let everybody a chance to partecipate, mediate the rules to the most used settings 🙂 [sw aside, i don’t know why you all keep talking about it i just suggested as a possibility that somebody told me about, i won’t even like it, but i can manage them no problem]

    So my motto stays:
    Give newbies a chance!!



    André já dizias alguma coisa



    For the last fucking time, I never said/thought/implied I was the best or ‘pro’ at this game. These are just my opinions, if you can’t respect that, then stop wasting my time.

    Exactly because of the g2a2 speed not changing (or any other weapon speed, obviously), is why I feel 1.3 is the most balanced. If you are good at UA you will get the kill on either 1.3 or 1.4. Again I’m gonna repeat what I said before… The only difference is that in 1.3, you need to think a little about when to use UA and when not to use. Taking the same example I used before, with 1.3 you can’t run into a room with UA and 100-100 and kill the guy shooting 30 bullets at u from 50 meters away and kill him! You are not Neo to dodge that many bullets and this is not the Matrix… Like I said, you have to think about when to use UA and when NOT… Not like 1.4 and even worse 1.5, when you run into a room 100-100 and can kill everyone unless it’s a big room where they have time to react. Yes I know how to defend myself against this but most times it’s just impossible to react in time.
    And btw, I’m not a g2a2 only player, in fact I use UA alot to defend myself in certain situations, and I talk from experience when I say 1.4 is just too easy to UA someone…

    On CTF stock maps, if you think on Streets those are the only places to UA someone, it just shows your lack of experience on them… There are alot more places to UA somebody, I suggest you load one of these maps and check with your own eyes… Yes, even with 1.3 it’s possible to UA people, but you won’t know if you never tried before ;).
    When I say there are more long battles in CTF it’s because the maps are 2x bigger and so there are 2x more angles to hide, 2x more long range spots to shoot from, but also alot more close range opportunities…

    And no, ‘pros’ don’t hear mice 50 feet away… Stop using $5 speakers and get some cheap headphones and you’ll hear like a ‘pro’. Simple.

    Anyway, it seems we’re getting away from the topic here. Do you know what were the default rules in the past? 1.2 runspeed, 3 meds, 18 timelimit… Would you like this? I don’t think so. Neither would I. Because UA would be not so powerful… I like UA, it’s an important part of the game, but we can’t let UA have more power than a weapon, wouldn’t you agree? This is a first person shooter after all… UA was designed to be a support ‘weapon’, not the main weapon, I think everyone can agree on that…

    Also, both of our suggested rules don’t differ that much from each other, would you really think that choosing 1.3 over 1.4 would destroy newbies chances? Even with 2 meds, proxies and remotes?

    Lastly, I think this discussion is becoming pointless to be honest, since we are not getting any feedback from other admins or from players who might play in this tournament to see what their opinions are…



    The point is not to do what the admins say. But you all have some truth.
    Since we don’t get more feedback, we may end up doing what we think is better.

    Also, yeah, those are huge posts….



    Hey, Andre! I didnt accuse you. I was accusing the best ones in Fear 😀
    Just joking, I know u r one of the best, but I really was not accusing you particularly or anyone else. Just general thoughts. Sorry if I hurt your feelings))
    Also, I am very surprised to hear an argument that ppl on Mxt play for fun. What duty makes you play? lol
    I think it would be fair if you invite ppl to vote for the main settings on fb, like custom or stock maps, rounds duration, speed, respawn time, etc.



    We have democracies so? Let’s vote on FB about stock/custom maps. We will see then…It makes no sense to organize the tournament when ONE person decides for everyone to play just on the basic map if HALF (well maybe not half but many players) would like also custom maps…Oficially I prefer stock maps but be fair with the other…



    ok …. I think it’s time to interfere.. I won’t allow this to happen, we just CAN’T play on any custom maps ! Don’t even think about it ! And voting on facebook is pointless ! The most of active people there are custom map lovers, so it’s obvious which part of community will prevail. It’s democracy and that event (10th anniversary) is for all, I respect that and I know it may be silly decision but if you all will decide for playing SUCH A BRILIANT TOURNAMENT with custom maps so I QUIT. I will not play on this unbalanced, unfair shit. You will loose 1 team (uwe) [and I think not only that team], 1 referee and 1 admin. I will not wasting my time for this . We should play normal proper tournament with normal maps as STANDARD. like this always was. Why now should we start playing in customs ? If you want a tournament with custom maps, so host one by someone of you – custom mappers, but please – don’t bring those maps in this tournament .
    SO I generally agree with Raz (Andre). But not in all of his opinions. About rules : they are good as they are now, no 3rd refs and all this things what Nader|Softmark said (sorry dude but I totally disagree with you). About server settings I thought much and I say this :
    -meds 1
    -nades 3
    -RunSpeed 1.4
    -FlaggerRunSpeed : 1.2 (flagger MUST be slowed badly, otherwise stealing the flag and running away with it will be just too easy ! )
    -RespawnWaitTime: i changed my mind here, it should be up to 4 seconds. (3 would be the best)
    -Time limit: should be 15, not less. Andre have right.
    -Extratime(SuddenDeath) : My opinion is : in group phase it should be OFF, in playoffs it should be ON(set on 5mins).That would be the best way imo
    -ScoreLimit : 0
    -FriendlyFire: must be ON
    and :
    -WeaponsRestrictions : as it is now, so no remotes, no SW, no mines.
    No SuperWeapons it’s obvious – part of the game I know, but please lets leave it to public low-class players and beginners (we all are not like those).
    No remotes and ATS – Disaggree on adding thsoe to the game, because first – it’s ANNOYING as hell. Second- I’ve never seen any good tournament with those in game. Third- in all of our previous tournaments on this scene we haven’t played with remotes and mines. Why now you want suddenly ? I know CTF is special gamemode but I don’t remember Remotes and ATS were ON in last CTF tournament in 2012.

    For ending my post- If you guys wants custom maps because now the most CTFers plays on them (MXT, TGS sometimes etc), so host a smaller tournament by yourself. Softmark told that there are such tournaments somewhere (I havent even heard about one, but ok ;> maybe only I heard somethin about CTF Unarmed tournaments or something). So there you can use customs, mines, remotes, Superweapons, speed 1.9 or 0,25, whatever you like. But those things are not belong to the current standards of competitve gameplay . That’s all from me, If I insulted,disrespected somebody – Sorry, it was not purposely.

    Admin, Referee, Stockmaps and CTF lover – MB



    I mostly agree with Brz3zio, except for:
    (from high priority to lower priority)
    -FlaggerRunSpeed: Why would we edit that? Once the game is set to 1.3 or 1.4, the game adjusts that. No need to change It again.

    -FriendlyFire: …. Everybody hates that. It gets in your way always. And just because people who started the tournaments years ago wanted to feel like pros, doesn’t make It good for anyone. Is like those “tactical” CoD servers where you must crouch all the time or you are called a noob for pwning everybody running around. No matter how you put It, is a pointless tradition that should have dies ages ago.

    -RespawnWaitTime: 0 please. Slow movement, long Round Duration, and have to wait on each respawn? Lol That’s why we play FEAR, because Is a fast game, Just imagine how much GB of wasted video will we upload while waiting for respawn.

    -ScoreLimit : So no limit? I’d better lose 3-0 or 5-0 than 9-0 … You guys with higher skills really don’t care at what average players feel 🙁

    I think there’s nothing wrong with the rest:
    -Stock maps
    -meds 1
    -nades 3
    -RunSpeed 1.4

    If the rest of the people disagree on what I said, just remember that’s my personal liking. I won’t get offended If you end up

    Ing. Alfredo Córdova | Fred.cpp | http://fred.cpp.mx



    Let’s be realistic here, how many custom map players are going to play in this tournament? Enough players to make 1 team? I bet most don’t even know that this tournament is about to happen or don’t care… I see no posts from these players here on the forum or on facebook to defend their interests (except Softmark, but s0ft alone can’t talk for all of them!). I’ve posted a link to this discussion on facebook and, as you can see, we have almost no activity here, which in my opinion, shows people indifference/disinterest…

    Even though I don’t agree with ALL of brzezio’s rules, I think he has the right way of thinking about this…
    I think the most fair thing we can do is take all of the rules posted here and reach a middle point in which everyone can agree… I’ll start by suggesting this:

    – Meds: 1;
    – Nades: 3;
    – Runspeed: 1.4 (I am willing to sacrifice 1.3 if ONLY this means we will have more people signing up for the tournament.);
    – Flagger speed: 1.2 or 1.3 (If 1.2, we must make respawn time longer to allow flagger a chance to run away, since he is a lot slower than 1.4. If 1.3, since it’s closer to 1.4 runspeed, make respawn time shorter to give a chance for respawned players to catch the flagger.);
    – Time limit: 15;
    – Extra time: 5 + Sudden Death (In my opinion, we should always have a match winner, otherwise how will you decide who goes through to playoffs, if for example, everyone in a group draws with each other?)
    – Friendly Fire: ON
    – Weapon Restrictions: Ofc all superweapons OFF, but how about we allow 1 proxy only? The enemy base won’t look like a mine field and the players will have to be a bit more careful with their actions. Remotes OFF.

    And ofc, stock maps.




    Friendly Fire is not pointless, it’s there for a reason. It makes people play not so recklessly. Imagine if my teammate is in a gun fight with an enemy, around the corner of where I am. I have 3 nades and I will just spam the spot they’re fighting in, with all 3 nades, almost definitely killing the enemy player but my teammates receives no damage. This is not fair to the enemy player in my opinion. If i spam 3 nades into the same place without thinking beforehand, I should have the penalty of losing my teammate aswell. Because of this reasoning, I think FF should stay ON.

    About respawn times, think about why this was implemented in the first place. Every game with a CTF mode has a respawn wait time option. There HAS to be a delay of some sort… If there isn’t, it’s almost impossible to cap a flag vs. players who know what they’re doing. Without wait time, and a few lucky spawns, I can run into the enemy base before the enemy flagger has time to arrive there if he is coming from my base (because he is slowed down), and I can kill him by surprise.
    I understand why you don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t balanced.

    So what would your score limit be? 3, 5? What if you are playing against a team that is equal with u in terms of skills? Whoever reaches the score limit first wins? This wouldn’t be fair would it? A 15 minute map could be over in 5 minutes. Why even have time limits at all? Again, what if your team and the enemy team are fighting pretty equally and it comes down to the last minute? With a score limit, whoever reaches the number first wins, regardless if it would be an equal match or a 10-0 rape.



    Omg, what a drama! Am I the only one who hasnt noticed any valid argument in Brzezios comment other than: “play by my rules or i quit”)) If everyone says like this you would only have 2-3 teams who will play your “balanced and fair shit” lmao

    Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that you asked for feedback on fb, so i just expressed my own opinion with no intensions to make ppl cry. 10th anniversary is a big event, so i really appreciate what you do to make this tournament happen. Your tournament, your rules, fair enough to me. I am sure ppl will play it. We all even know which teams will play in final round. Because we all know who plays stock maps the best. Just wondering why you even asked for opinions.



    Chosen_One, you are welcome to post your suggestions here. All I see in your posts is you disagreeing with everything but not giving any solid arguments to prove your point. And you shouldn’t see disagreeing with your opinion as ‘crying’. What don’t you like about these rules? If you don’t want the same teams in the final again and again, give us your opinion on how should we change this so we can combine it into the rule-set to prevent this from happening.

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