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January 18th 2014 Master Server Outage Details.


25-Jan-2014 – Everything looks fine now. As usual @Phreeze got It fixed 😀 Server admins, you may need to restart your server If It’s not listed ingame.


Master Server Maintenance Downtime

Today there is a scheduled maintenance service for datacenter migration.

This will cause the server list to go offline for some hours; the service will be back online at night.

Thanks for your patience, we (well, mostly Phreeze) is working on keep the server running smooth 🙂

I want to use this chance to thank Chosen_One for his awesome $100 USD Donation, that will help keep us running, as well to the other donators we have had in the past; we are still working in make the game better, and you can help in 3 ways:

1) Sharing your fun with friends and in social networks or sites.

2) Donating for the master server (This is 100% optional!)

3) The most important: Playing and having fun with us 😀

UPDATE: Server is running again. The downtime was less than 1 hour.


How do people know about FEAR Combat Community?

We would like to know more about how do you people know this site exists.

We made a poll that you can vote, so we know what has been working and what has not.

You can vote in the right sidebar.

Clan/Players Wanted!

You want to play in the CTF Tournament but have no Team?

You have a Team but need more players?

Post here! so others will know you are available and or recruiting!

Fraggednation has a feature like this too, but I’m noob and don’t know how to use It, so we offer this Space for that!

Make sure you include meaningful info: xfire, email, steam, so people recruiting know who are you.

Teams recruiting: include info like prefered language and team location.


1k Users

We are happy to anounce our first 1000 registered users.

This could not have been possible without all of the dedicated people behind this project, and of course your support!

We would also like to announce the following milestones that have been achieved:

  • 250 active new FEAR players using new cd-keys obtained from
  • 30 dedicated FEAR servers running SEC2 v2.0 Beta

This is a significant change from one year ago when Warner Bros. had effectively halted growth of FEAR Combat by stopping to give out new keys, and SEC/Retail servers were left compromised to server crash exploits and no active developer support.

With the upcoming public/final release of SEC2 v2.0, and the continued support of the community, we expect a return to highly populated servers and a great multiplayer experience for all!



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