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New User registrarion Open

The site functionality has been restored.

We will continue to work on fix the small visual details that remain missing. For now, new players can join the game. If you created an account the previous days and can’t login, try registering again with the same email. Some accounts may have been lost because of the downtime.

Let us know any issues you find.

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New user registrations still disabled

Due to a fatal HD failure in our hosting service, we need to restore an older backup.

To prevent more registered users losing their accounts, we disabled it again until a better restore point is used.

This process will take several hours, but the game functionality is not affected.

When the maintenance ends, new user registrations will be enabled again.

New users registered yesterday that didn’t get a CDKey will get it then too.

Meanwhile, a new SEC2 update for servers will be released next weekend; we are getting close to 2.0.6 final, the last update before 2.1.0, that will focus on new features long time expected.


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New user registrations (And downloads) disabled for 24 hours

Update: Maintenance extended to 24 hours. Includes Downloads.
New user registrations have been disabled for 12 hours for maintenance.

Everything should be back to normal during the afternoon.

These maintenance intervals are needed to fix some inconsistencies caused by hosting issues in the previous days.

The ingame functionality is not affected.

Thanks for your patience.

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New users registration issues.

In the previous days, we have had some reports of players failing on creating/activating new accounts.

If this is your case too, please use the contact form ( )so we can help you with the process.

Looks like the anti-spam process is being a bit too strict. The game is active and running.

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