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The Development for FEAR goes on, Always exciting stuff!

Windows Dedicated Server Logging

Okay, this is a feature that some of you server admins have been asking about for quite awhile.  I did some digging and it turns out that the FEAR Windows Dedicated Server does support logging to a text file by just adding a few additional command line parameters.

Here is how it works:

FEARServer.exe +errorlog 1 +alwaysflushlog 1 +errorlogfile fearserver.log

The log file will be saved into the same directory as FEARServer.exe (i.e. your install directory).

Please note that the log file will be overwritten if you restart the server and use the same log file name, so I recommend including a timestamp in the filename.




set LOGF=%DATE:/=%.%TIME::=%
set LOGF=fearserver.%LOGF%.log
start fearserver.exe +errorlog 1 +alwaysflushlog 1 +errorlogfile “%LOGF%”

For some extra features check the help secion:

Host a Server / Advanced Server Options


Linux Dedicated Server Issues

Update: We identified the issue and it should now be resolved!!

As some server operators may already know, a bug has cropped up in the FEAR Linux dedicated server that causes the server to randomly segfault (crash) during server startup. The crashing seems to occur more often if you have custom maps configured, but also occurs with just stock maps. This has affected all servers hosted with because they use the Linux version exclusively.

At this time the root cause of this bug is still unknown, and seems to have began sometime in the last month or so. We are investigating, but it is possible that we may never be able to resolve this bug because the FEAR engine code (Jupiter EX) has never been publicly released, and the segfault is occurring within one of the engine libraries (

The good news is that the Windows dedicated server is not affected by this bug, and therefore we will recommend that all server operators switch to a Windows server if possible.

Note: One issue with the Windows Dedicated server is the lack of an option to save server logs to disk, so we will be working on an enhancement to add file-based logging in the near future.

Master server update

Attention all FEAR server admins

The dynamic master server list functionality is almost ready for prime time.

To test and ensure that your server will show up in the in-game server list after we flip the switch, please check the following link:


1. You must be running the latest SEC2 patch. Note: SEC2 2.0 Final has been released and is available in the Downloads section. No code changes occurred since the last update (Beta 7.1), just a version string update to make it the final release.

2. In your ServerOptions.txt configuration, you must have LanOnly=0, otherwise your server will not be reporting information to the master server.

Update (2013-01-15): The in-game server browser functionality is now live!

Update (2013-01-16): Functionality enabled for FEAR Launcher

Update (2013-01-17): Functionality enabled for sidebar

FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.1 Released

Okay boys & girls. This is the one you’ve been waiting for to feed your FEAR multi-player addiction in this post (GameSpy) apocalyptic world. 🙂


Change Log:

  • New: FEAR Combat client installer (incl. cd-key input)
  • New: Includes SEC2 server patch for hosting dedicated server from in-game (great for LAN parties)
  • New: FPS Limiter install option
  • New: Web updater to check for latest version
  • Fixed: 2 minute delay when joining Internet servers
  • Changed: In-game multiplayer server list to use master server
  • Changed: In-game cd-key editor to allow SEC2 keys and display key on the screen
  • Changed: Multiplayer client settings & host menu items moved to main screen
  • Changed: “PB Violation” error message to generic “Error” message

Note: An automated update installer for v1.08 will be released at a later date.

FEAR Launcher 1.3 Updated to 1.4

The FEAR Launcher 1.4

The FEAR Launcher 1.4

Here is the latest update for the FEAR Launcher. If you had problems in the past, download this update that will (I hope) Fix most of the known issues.

Update: 1.4 released


  • Run and play! You no longer need to manually copy It to the Game Directory, automatically will try to locate the FEARMP.exe file and copy to the proper location. Supports scenarios where you have several versions installed, FEAR, Steam FEAR, FEAR Combat, Portable versions, and will allow you to select the one you want to use.
  • Now can run without the Multi-language support (Languages Directory). If you don’t copy the Languages Folder, It will disable all multi-language options.
  • Auto creates a short-cut on desktop for easy access.
  • Restored all Server list functionality, including online players, map and password protection.
  • Server List now shows the progress of the servers scanned.
  • Fixed Incompatibility with the upcoming FEAR Update.

Known Bugs:

  • If you already have a Short-cut, It won’t be replaced. You can use a launcher for FEAR and other for FEAR Combat, but If you created one, It won’t create another.

Extra notes:

  • It will overwrite existing copies of the Launcher when automatically moving to the Game Directory.
  • When you paste your SEC2 Key, verify you didn’t add extra white spaces in the end of It (The Launcher colour will turn red, remove the extra spaces and It should go back to green/blue).
  • When using a SEC2 Key, It will only list SEC2 Servers.
  • The Servers info is real-time, but the list Itself isn’t. If you don’t see your server listed, contact us (Sorry for doing this again, we keep the list updated manually until the next SEC2 update that will automatically list servers).


Download FEAR Launcher 1.4




Comment here or use the contact section.

Update (2013/Jan/04)

Fixed small bug with missing Languages directory, some empty strings in the GUI.

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