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CheesyPoofs CTF is Back

Back, for a limited time …  it’s CheesyPoofs!

Let’s all show Cheesy some luv!



Map rotation:

  • RoomOfDoom
  • MXTParty
  • Blah
  • House
  • Bypass
  • MXTAlleysReloaded
  • F-PT_CombatPlace
  • eAuPhotonicCore
  • Spillkill
  • TGSTheGreenSphere
  • MXTBrokenNegotiation
  • bedrooms
  • JailBreak
  • TinyCTF
  • Processor


-UNARMED CTF-[FF-PL] Server is Back


We are happy to anounce the return of one of the classic servers in the FEAR history:


This server has a full set of custom maps made specifically for this style. If you have played there you know how It  works, so don’t miss the chance to play again!

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