FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.1 Released

Okay boys & girls. This is the one you’ve been waiting for to feed your FEAR multi-player addiction in this post (GameSpy) apocalyptic world. :-)


Change Log:

  • New: FEAR Combat client installer (incl. cd-key input)
  • New: Includes SEC2 server patch for hosting dedicated server from in-game (great for LAN parties)
  • New: FPS Limiter install option
  • New: Web updater to check for latest version
  • Fixed: 2 minute delay when joining Internet servers
  • Changed: In-game multiplayer server list to use fear-community.org master server
  • Changed: In-game cd-key editor to allow SEC2 keys and display key on the screen
  • Changed: Multiplayer client settings & host menu items moved to main screen
  • Changed: “PB Violation” error message to generic “Error” message

Note: An automated update installer for v1.08 will be released at a later date.


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  1. Amazing! Kudos to you Phreeze, kudos to you! And to anybody else who had a role in this achievement, no matter how big or small! Great job guys!

  2. @Quebus: no, it is no longer required. Just set LanOnly=0 in your ServerOptions.txt to ensure your server details are being reported to the master server, and very soon we will be connecting the feed to the list being sent to Fear Combat 1.1 client. For the next few days it will remain as a hard coded list in a .txt file that @Fredcpp has been maintaining, so if you need it right away then drop us an email through the contact us form.

  3. typical! mine wont work i double click the fear combat icon on my desktop and get the following..application error (0xc0000005) ..anyone know why?

  4. ok.. deleted everything to do with FEAR and re downloaded v1.1 with antivirus disabled and it still wont work keeps coming up with the same thing as before :(

  5. hi, yesterday I started to play fear combat again after you gave it rebirth. I played in one deathmatch server and was perfect, no problems. Today I noticed that I can still enter the servers and walk through the maps and shoot but there’s nobody there, several servers empty, even the most famous ones…. I even noticed that in the first page of Fear there is the option “Community addon”: there is an update to version 1.20121206 (my present version is stil 1.20120404), but when I click on it, it sends me this message “error in the script of the page – file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Sierra/FEARCombat/Launcher.hta – do you want to continue to execute the script of the page”. Clicking “yes” or “no” is useless, is does not make me update to the latest version. Is this the reason why I cannot encounter anyone on the maps??? help please I love this game!

  6. @BattleCat: It was good to see you ingame, too bad It was so hard to actually get Ingame.

    @belisario: I guess you are not running the latest update, I’d recomend you to do It, since sometimes Is hard to join a server with players If you can’t see how much players are In. The FEAR Launcher Is not needed anymore, once you have the update join the game and search servers with active players in the ingame list.

  7. ok is this the update? fear_combat_108_to_110_community_en_patch.rar, already downloaded and installed… i still can’t see how many people are in server :/

  8. @belisario Perhaps I’m missing something here but either you can get in a server or you can’t. Couldn’t it be as simple as the server just being empty when you join?

  9. yes ok now it’s ok, but i still can’t see how many people are in the server before joining; in the server list i can only see the servers available but not the number of players inside.

  10. Before the fear_combat_110_community_en_full.exe installation I removed all FEAR and Lancher versions, I switched off the anti-virus program. I established. At start writes application error (0xc0000005). What’s the problem?

  11. Hey I deleted my Fearcombat dir and installed the FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.1

    After that I copied the fear_combat_108_to_110_community_en_patch.rar into the new Fear Combat dir.

    I even turned off antivirus won’t work :/

    I got win xp btw

  12. you do not need to use that file (fear_combat_108_to_110_community_en_patch.rar)
    when you install the (FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.1)

    that patch is only when yo have the older version FEAR Combat 1.08.

  13. Hi! New fresh instaled xp with sp3. Full instaler 1.10 and got error 0xc0150002. So install new Net.Framework this errorz gone, but now its new 0xc0000005. See lot of person got that in FC1 .10 Full, reading this tread. So fear 1.10 dont work on xp ?

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