Halo PC – GameSpy Shutdown

A shout out to our fellow FPS mates in the Halo PC community that will soon be sharing our fate in a GameSpy-less world.  Welcome to the Apocalypse!


Similar to what we have done with our community supported FEAR Combat Master Server, the elites of the Halo PC community are banding together to produce their own master server and client patch solution and maintain in-game server browsing for all.

GameSpy is shutting down all of its remaining services at the end of this month:

“Effective May 31, 2014, GameSpy will cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy”

Source: Halo FixesPoweredByGameSpy

Community Team Speak server is back!

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The FEAR Community strongly encourages everyone to use our new TeamSpeak server as it helps to build a stronger relationship with your fellow community members and allows for better communication vs. the traditional in-game typing. Please know that we understand that some may not have the ability to communicate back because you do not have a microphone or for any other reasons and that’s perfectly OK. However don’t let that stop you from joining us in the server so you can listen in.

Using TS3 will greatly enhance your gaming experience and will provide a family type atmosphere for the entire FEAR community to enjoy.

Maximize online collaboration with firewall friendly file transfer
Step 1

You can download the client HERE: (more…)

New TDM Server: =E.U.R.O.P.E.=

EUROPE_v3We are helping promote this new Stock – TDM – Europe located Server for the community.

We will be trying to keep some activity level in order to make It easier for people to find a friendly server to join at any time. Currently the admins ingame are people from several clans, and we are looking for other experienced and respected players to help on this task. Unlike other servers, this is not run by a single clan, but for everybody who wants to get involved.

How can you contribute? It’s really easy: (more…)

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